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What we have to offer:

1. We offer a rather unique education resource using volunteers   from the Vietnam Veteran community. 2. A first hand account of the Vietnam war and our experiences, if you like, we bring a living history into the classroom. 3. Tailored Presentations. 4. Travelling Exhibitions and Displays. 5. Individual and Group Interviews.

What we require when visiting schools, staging

displays or exhibitions and conducting workshops.

1. Booking - Preferably one month or more in advance of required date. 2. Timings for Presentations. 3. Number of students attending. 4. Parking Access if available. 5. Informal Setting.


Computer with screen or TV with DVD and tables for displays.


Vietnam Veterans

Why we do it:

1. to explain the futility of war. 2. To give students first hand knowledge.
Rob Lowe - President Phone 0419 591 676 email: Rob Lowe OR Chris White - Booking Co-Ordinator Phone: 0402 406 943 email: Chris White  

Want more information on us:

Go to “ABOUT US”.
Vietnam Veterans of Australia Registered Charity ABN 34-750-672-219

Victorian Education Team

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (Victorian Branch)

Welcome to the Vietnam Veterans Victorian Education Team website. The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia Education Team started from a single request to a Vietnam Veteran (Phil White OAM) from a teacher in 1989, to address students on a veteran's view of the war and some of his experiences during and since. Other teachers who attended or heard about the presentation asked Phil if he could do the same for their school. Since then, word of mouth has seen a marked increase in the number of schools requesting the service. With the passing of time, demand for the service has increased beyond expectations and Phil invited other Vietnam Veterans to become involved………..more
The Education Team's Van from the side The Education Team's Van from the front
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The Education Team Van from the rear INFORMING THE STUDENTS OF VICTORIA Vietnam Veterans Education Team (Victorian Branch)


Each member of the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA) Education Team has his own story to tell about the Vietnam War. These stories are supported by archival material and complemented by recollections and memorabilia of the era, creating a valuable teaching and learning experience.The VVAA Education Team has representatives from each of the armed services – some with qualifications in both teaching and history. All are experienced in giving presentations to schools and tertiary institutions. The Team is offering its services through teachers, lecturers of history, librarians and others with an interest in this very important period of Australian history. The services offered by the team will be of particular interest to students of VCE Unit 2 Twentieth Century History and VCE Unit 4 Australian History. Contact can be made in the first instance with: Mr Rob Lowe, President VVAA Education Team (email Rob Lowe or call 0419 591 676).